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Label: New West Records
Four years after emerging out of Vermont with 2014’s fairly alt-country I Will Not Be Afraid, Caroline Rose retains pedal steel in four songs and rockabilly riffs at the start of the relatively raucous and tongue-in-cheek “Money.” But mostly she discovers the sort of synths, samplers, and programmed drums that Americana-oriented New West usually keeps off the label. If you focus on her mixed-down murmurs, you’ll notice her singing flat and husky like a young Liz Phair about an exurban Topeka single mom and a diner waitress living lives of quiet desperation. The goofy catcall spoof “Smile! Aka Schizodrift Jam 1 Aka Bikini Intro” intros the sexually harassing “Bikini” itself, which might owe its “shake it girl” bounce to the B-52s regardless. So when Rose calls herself “a freak in the sheets” in the even bouncier “Soul No. 5” is she being ironic, or not? Either way, she’s having fun.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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