Country Club von Dee Jay Silver


Country Club

Dee Jay Silver

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Label: Rca Records Label Nashville
So it finally happened. With "Country Club," Dee Jay Silver, spiky-haired tour DJ for -- who else -- Jason Aldean, has at last wed America's most consistent musical genre with its fastest growing. You see? Country club. Nothing here matches The KLF's Tammy Wynette rip, "Justified and Ancient," but the closing, synth-heavy "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" edit will make drunk people dance somewhere, and the opening Carrie Underwood/Dolly Parton mash-up is inexplicably poignant, if not a little silly. The EP makes for a good intro, but, like most DJs, Silver's best work is in his more unhinged mixes.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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