Zipper Down von EODM (Eagles Of Death Metal)


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Label: Eagles of Death Metal (AG Records 2017) PS
Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme might call themselves the Eagles of Death Metal, but their penchant for quirky sonic pastiche makes them more like the Harry Nilssons of hard rock. On Zipper Down they're once again blurring together a dizzying number of genres and eras: '70s rock, vintage R&B, power pop and much more. Powering nearly every tune are what Homme once described as "stripper drum beats." But the striptease also pops up as a lyrical theme on no less than three songs: "Skin-Tight Boogie," "The Deuce," and "Got a Woman." Hughes and Homme obviously enjoy reveling in their manly bravado.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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