Just Like You von Falling In Reverse


Just Like You

Falling In Reverse

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Label: Epitaph
For Falling In Reverse, women are drugs, and sex is addiction. It's a theme tying together every album, Just Like You included. Not unlike the groupie-craving singers of '80s hair metal, Ronnie Radke conflates romance and horniness. Always audacious, he's downright X-rated on "Sexy Drug," especially when he howls to the object of his obsession, "You make me come, come, come!" Also standing out is F.I.R.'s arsenal of hooks. "God, If You Are Above..." might unleash post-hardcore energy, but dig the way the band also bridges Weezer-inspired power pop, Hanoi Rocks-style hot licks and electronica.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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