Wild Ones von Flo Rida


Wild Ones

Flo Rida

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Label: Atlantic Records
Love him or hate him, Flo Rida will do anything to start a party. On Wild Ones, he shamelessly rips hooks from Brenda Russell's "Piano in the Dark" ("I Cry"), A Flock of Seagulls' "I Ran" ("Run") and Earl King's "Come On" ("Let It Roll"). Every song builds from dramatic whooshing effects into a throbbing house beat while Flo Rida sings and raps about going to the club, getting girls, being a star, et cetera. It's a formula, but the payoff is frothy pop gems like "Good Feeling." Elsewhere, Sia growls soulfully on the title track, and Jennifer Lopez trills lightly on "Sweet Spot."

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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