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Label: Epic/Freebandz/A1
EVOL is Future’s fourth project in less than a year, and the strain of trying to maintain a standard of quality has begun to show. The synthesized washes of his production team sound increasingly brittle, and resemble little more than keyboard presets. He often doesn’t make any hooks, instead opting for mumbled soliloquies like “Xanny Family,” and freestyle volleys like “Seven Rings.” Still, he doesn’t lack for confidence. “Lie to Me” is a standout. He throws out some decent lines on “Low Life,” a duet with The Weeknd, like when he says, “N*ggas tried to ride my wave, now they salty.” On “Program,” he says, “Married to the trap, that’s the program,” then laughs. He’s so tickled by himself that he repeats the phrase twice.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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