High Noon von Jerrod Niemann


High Noon

Jerrod Niemann

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Label: Sea Gayle Records/Arista Nashville
On his third major-label effort, Jerrod Niemann finds the sweet spot between laidback country grooves and rockin' party anthems. "Refill" is an introspective ace that sums up this sweet/rockin' equation, especially with a line like, "I sure could go for a little Southern comfort in my rock and roll/ One for my glass and one for my soul." It's one of a few beach-y songs, including "Buzz Back Girl" and "Day Drinkin'." The revved-up "Donkey," on the other hand, brings George Jones' legendary post-DUI tractor ride into the 21st century, and spices the album up with a dash of classic country humor.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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