The Remix von Lady Gaga


The Remix

Lady Gaga

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Label: Streamline / Interscope
Lady Gaga dance remixes might sound redundant or superfluous. After all, club-ready dance-pop is what the good Lady specializes in, which explains why these remixes don't always feel like they add or change all that much. But unobtrusive isn't necessarily a bad thing. The Sound of Arrows' mellow reworking of "Alejandro," for instance, evens out some of the original's high drama without diminishing it. Elsewhere, it's all in the details: a cute little Latin beat on "Paparazzi," the ping-ponging beats on "Telephone." LLG vs. GLG's take on "Poker Face" is maybe even saucier than the original.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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