Call Me Crazy von Lee Ann Womack


Call Me Crazy

Lee Ann Womack

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Label: MCA Nashville
It sounds like Lee Ann Womack was in an introspective mood for her seventh album, Call Me Crazy. Many of the songs are melancholic numbers about ending relationships ("Either Way," "Last Call"), identity crises ("Have You Seen That Girl") and feeling empty despite success ("I Think I Know"). But it's more self-examination than gloom and doom, and Womack's honeyed twang sounds at home on these soul-searching songs. Both "Everything But Quits" (with George Strait) and "If These Walls Could Talk" have a classic sound that remind you what country music used to sound like and are, along with the unconventionally catchy, "The Bees," highlights in this collection.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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