Hydra von Within Temptation


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Label: BMG Rights Management Benelux B.V.
Following 2013 sessions where they remade pop hits from the likes of Imagine Dragons and Bruno Mars, and now inviting guest vocalists including Dave Pirner and Xzibit along, the Dutch mermaid-goth metallers go full-on Flashdance. In "Let Us Burn" and "Silver Moonlight," guitar solos emerge Laura Branigan-style from a dancey Euroschlock-rock pulse bordering on "Eye of the Tiger" or Hi-NRG; in "Covered by Roses" and "Dog Days," anthemic chorus hooks vie for movie-credit dollars. "Paradise (What About Us)," bolstered by ex-Nightwish diva Tarja Turunen, hits high notes like Evanescence cubed.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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