Odd Blood von Yeasayer


Odd Blood


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Label: Mute
Right away Yeasayer make it clear this is not All Hour Cymbals, part deux. Machines clink and clank; vocals mutate and melt, mud bubbles and boils; and that's just track one. Next is "Ambling Alp," a tribal-hippie delight offering up empowering fatherly advice. The single is the backbone of a set stuffed with funky yelps, falsetto freak-outs, rumbling polyrhythms, heavy synths, electric guitar solos, loon calls, claps, loops, samples, various computerized chaos -- and, simply, entreaties for love. It's like Depeche Mode playing with Rusted Root at a Love Parade. In one word: awesome.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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